Fire Department

The Whitehouse Fire Department consists of 1 staffed station, a full-time Fire Chief, 10 full-time Firefighter/Paramedics, 19 part-time Firefighter/EMT-Bs or higher and 30 volunteers (some of these are full or part-time employees also).

The Whitehouse Fire Department was established in 1896.  In 1978, the Lucas County Life Squad was housed at the Whitehouse Fire Station.  Our station is manned 24 hours a day and responds to emergency calls throughout Whitehouse and the surrounding area.

Whitehouse Fire Department
10550 Waterville Street • Whitehouse, OH 43571
Phone: 419-877-0363 • Fax: 419-877-4827

Fire Chief

Joshua Hartbarger was promoted to Fire Chief in 2016 after having been with the Whitehouse fire department for 12 years. He is a nationally registered Paramedic, firefighter level 2, instructor, and inspector. In 2005 Joshua graduated from Owens Community College with an Associate degree in Liberal arts with a concentration on government. Upon graduation Joshua served the National Science foundation as a fire lieutenant at McMurdo station Antarctica and the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station. While there he was in charge of base inspections. Joshua currently lives in Whitehouse with his wife Nicole and daughter Josie. He can be reached at 419-877-0363 or by email at:

Runs/Service Calls
2013 2012  2011
Total Calls for Service 1085 1162 1180
Structural fire emergencies 50 70 142
EMS emergency responses 343 380 405
MVA 19 25 24
Service Calls/Good Intent 73 81 21
Mutual aid responses 9 28 16
LS9 600 606 588