2018 Leaf Collection:

The 2018 leaf collection will begin on October 22, 2018.  Leaves will be collected weekly per zone:

Zone A – October 22, 30, November 7, 16, 28, December 6

Zone B – October 23, 31, November 8, 19, 29, December 7

Zone C – October 24, November 1, 9, 20, 30, December 10

Zone D – October 25, November 2, 13, 21, December 3, 11

Zone E – October 26, November 5, 14, 26, December 4, 12

Zone F – October 29, November 6, 15, 27, December 5, 13

Click here for a detailed copy of the map showing each zone2018 Leaf Map


The Village crews provide curb-side leaf collection for all residents beginning in October. Residents are asked to place leaves near the curb so that they can be picked up and disposed of. Please ensure that leaves are free of sticks and rubbish.

Leaves should be placed behind the curb or just off the edge of the pavement on uncurbed streets. DO NOT PLACE LEAVES ON THE PAVEMENT! On-street parking causes problems during the collection process. Please avoid parking on the street when your district is scheduled for collection. The leaves are taken to Ohio Compost where they are processed into a useable product. Village crews make every effort to keep to the posted schedule to ensure all residents are served. If for any reason crews do not complete a scheduled route, rest assured that all leaves on Village streets will be collected before the season ends.

If you have questions after studying the detailed link above, please contact Village employees at 419-877-5383.