Building and Zoning Department

In 2010, the Village of Whitehouse contracted with the City of Maumee to provide all building department related matters, including plan review, issuing building permits and inspections.  Building plans and permit applications can be delivered to Village Hall, or if homeowners and contractors prefer, they can take plans directly to Maumee (400 Conant Street).  Prior to beginning any building project, please call our Chief Building Official at 419-897-7075 to check on the permit process or to ask specific questions.

The Village continues to issue zoning permits and answer zoning related questions.  Please contact Barbara Knisely at 419-877-5383 and she will be happy to assist you.  Effective April 1, 2014, if you would like to file a zoning complaint, you must do so in writing by completing the Zoning Complaint Form.  After completion, return the Form to Village Hall for investigation by Village staff.   To be considered, the Form must be filled out in its entirety.

Click here for a copy of the Zoning Map – Updated 2014.

In late 2007, the Village of Whitehouse passed legislation requiring all contractors to be registered before they are issued any type of permits.  With this information, we are able to provide a list to residents or business owners who would like to hire a reputable company.  Each contractor must provide information concerning their business and they can be checked through the Better Business Bureau to see if complaints have been filed against them.  This is a great tool to assist our residents before allowing a contractor into their home.  Click here for a copy of the Contractor Registration Form, which should be submitted to Village Hall along with any permit applications before beginning a project.

Barbara Knisely was hired in November 2006 and has 25 years of government experience, working for the cities of Maumee and Bowling Green before coming to Whitehouse.  Please feel free to call or e-mail Barb at: with questions.

The Exterior Property Maintenance Code was adopted in November 2006.  Click below for a complete copy.

Exterior Property Maintenance Code

Due to the length of the zoning code, it has been divided into Chapters, as follows:

Title One – Administration

Chapter 1240  General Provisions

Chapter 1241  Enforcement

Chapter 1242  Board of Zoning Appeals

Chapter 1246 Special Uses

Chapter 1247 Planned Unit Development Review

Chapter 1248 Amendments

Title Three – Zoning Districts and Use Regulations

Chapter 1250  Establishment of Districts

Chapter 1251  Waterville Street (SR 64) Overlay

Chapter 1252  Traditional Neighborhood District

Chapter 1253  Planned Unit Development

Chapter 1255  Permitted and Conditional Land Use

Title Three – Zoning Districts and Use Regulations

Chapter 1256  Development Standards

Chapter 1257  Supplemental District Uses and Structures

Chapter 1258  Off-Street Parking & Loading

Chapter 1259  Signs

Chapter 1260  Nonconforming Lots, Structures and Uses

Title Five – Definitions

A – O

P- Z