Arts Advisory Board

Whitehouse Arts Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2017

Members present: Matt Meeker, Claudia Spann, Jan Robie, Susan Gdowik, and Emily Remaklus. Others present: Barb Knisely, Mindy Curry

Claudia called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Emily made a motion to approve the minutes and Matt seconded.

Staff Report:

  • Concert in the park is June 24th from 6-10pm with The Free Band, Maumee Valley Model Boat Club, Dog House, and Girl Scout Troop wants to do face painting.
  • July 5th is The Founder’s Day event. DJ, live music, bounce house, Civil War reenactors, and fireworks.
  • Emily announced that July will be the last month she’ll be present at meetings due to moving for a job.


  • Grape Smugglers are confirmed and working on an invoice.
  • Claudia met with George, president of Sertoma Club, who has agreed to do the alcohol for Buskerfest and pay for the liquor license. They will pay upfront and WAAB will reimburse them from the proceeds. Profits will be 60/40-Sertoma/WAAB. Food trucks will be parked up against the fencing so that food can be served in the beer tent and outside.
  • Claudia talked with the Whitehouse Fire Department about food, and they decided they would like to do a chili cook-offs between the fire department and police department. They will charge for their chili and it will be fundraiser for them.
  • Barb and Claudia met with Trish who is planning to move her event time up a bit to 10am so that there is not a gap between events in the park. Trish has a bike/motorcycle event, kayak event, various wacky activities, arts and crafts, music, food, 5k run/1 mile hike, motorcycles will arrive together at a specific time to the park, closing ceremony, and then Buskerfest.
  • Mindy will ask for permission from council about the use of alcohol
  • Claudia would like to have a large meeting with Trish, WAAB, and Sertoma, as well as an additional meeting with the fire and police departments.
  • WAAB may have snow fencing available to use for free from Josh, and will rent stage and chairs from George.
  • Hours for Buskerfest are 4-6pm and Grape Smugglers from 6-9pm. Vendors will be from 4-9pm.
  • The Mirror is charging $50 per 1000 for inserts in their newspaper to advertise. WAAB is responsible for printing. City-wide delivery is likely to happen if WAAB agrees to do the Anthony Wayne and Maumee edition. Could reach 10,000 mailboxes. Print would be August 31st. The posting will include the day’s events as well as the evening’s event.
  • Susan suggested we spend money on Facebook to advertise and will research the sponsor posts, as well as create the post.
  • WAAB needs to send out an invitation for buskers. Barb will work on a write up to be sent out to them.

New Business

  • Madelyn Duhamel, a local singer, and Matt have worked together to create a CD which are now available for sale.

Matt made a motion to adjourn at 7:00pm and Susan seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Remaklus

Whitehouse Arts Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2017

Members present: Matt Meeker, Claudia Spann, Jan Robie, Emily Remaklus, and Mindy Curry. Others present: Barb Knisely

Claudia called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Jan made a motion to approve the minutes and Matt seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

Staff Report:

  • The first concert in the park is June 24th with The Free Band. A young local girl, Evie VanVorhis, will be opening the show with the National Anthem and will sing again during intermissions.
  • The flower market started last weekend with seven vendors.
  • July 5th is the Founder’s Day event.


  • Claudia stated that at this point WAAB needs to have the banner fixed with the new date.
  • WAAB also needs to meet with Trisha Pizzfried to determine what her plans are with food. Trisha will be invited to the next meeting to talk about her plans, and hopefully an additional May meeting will be added.
  • Vito’s and Switchback catering will both be contacted about providing food for the event.
  • WAAB is very interested in bringing liquor into the Buskerfest, but a permit is still needed. Sertoma will be contacted about partnering with WAAB in this matter. With the alcohol, a large number of volunteers will be needed.
  • Mindy explained the process of bringing alcohol into the event, and WAAB is unsure of how many volunteers we would have to properly set up and run a beer tent.
  • Barb also reminded us that the fencing would decrease space from where the buskers could perform.
  • Mindy suggested we use the Buskerfest as a way to rededicate the soldier monument in the park. This would bring more people to the park, as well as media.
  • Claudia suggested that maps should be printed so that people can find performers.
  • As a way to recoup some money, it was suggested that WAAB charge for The Grape Smugglers performance. It was also suggested that a good will offering could be sufficient.
  • We were informed that September 9th is also Bowling Green’s Black Swamp Arts Festival which could possibly affect attendance of the Buskerfest.

New Business

  • WAAB discussed possibly joining with the Anthony Wayne Arts Council. Emily suggested WAAB wait until the end of the year after all of the major WAAB events before trying to combine with Anthony Wayne Arts Council.
  • Madeline Duhammel is a local artist who has a CD for sale to help raise money for her trip to Europe. She will be playing with Matt Meeker and his musical partner from 3-4pm on Saturday at the Cherry Fest.

Jan made a motion to adjourn at 6:52pm and Emily seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Remaklus

Whitehouse Arts Advisory Board
Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2017

Members present: Matt Meeker, Jan Robie, Susan Gdowik, and Emily Remaklus. Others present:  Mindy Curry, Council Representative and Barb Knisely, Community Development Coordinator.

Matt Meeker called the meeting to order at 6:03pm. Emily made a motion to approve the minutes and Jan seconded.

Staff Report:

  • Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday 11-12:30pm and in need of volunteers.
  • New art exhibit in the hallways from Shanna Richie from Aspiring Hands.
  • July 1st our next exhibit will be old photographs from Whitehouse High School graduation classes.


  • The Grape Smugglers have been confirmed to play at the Buskerfest.
  • A liquor permit is still in the talks for the Buskerfest.
    • An area needs to be mapped off for where alcohol will be permitted.
    • The idea of a Bring Your Own Liquor was also mentioned.
    • By using Bring Your Own Liquor we would not have fundraising opportunities with liquor, but then we also would not need to worry about providing the liquor.
  • A horse-drawn carriage or golf carts could be used to help people get from place to place.
  • Jan mentioned maps would also be helpful this year so that people know where to go.
  • Mindy explained how the beer tent works at Cherry Fest so that WAAB would have something to model off if we decided to obtain a liquor license.
  • Promotion for the event is necessary.
    • Susan suggested using Facebook this year to promote.
    • Mindy said if we have information together before Cherry Fest we could use that event to help promote Buskerfest.
  • Mindy suggested putting something together (an article) for the June newsletter which will be the last newsletter to go out before Buskerfest.
  • 4-6pm is the proposed time for the Buskers and 6-9pm for The Grape Smugglers.
  • Food: A chicken bbq would be a huge draw if the fire department or another organization would be willing.
  • Next month we should bring Trish back to our meeting to help finalize some details with our collaboration.
  • Asking if a permit is needed for audience members to bring their own liquor needs to happen soon, and we need to see if we would have to zone off an area where the alcohol would be permitted.

New Business

  • Mindy mentioned bicycle racks will be added throughout the Village and Council is interested in adding some element of art into the bicycle racks. WAAB is being asked to keep this interest in mind and to research and recommend ideas.
  • Digital signs will be added in Whitehouse soon and will make an easy way of advertising for local events, including Buskerfest.
  • Matt mentioned collaborating with other regional art groups such as the Anthony Wayne Arts Commission.
  • Barb passed around ideas for downtown art and a map of a community’s art walk. The hope is for WAAB to designate an arts area somewhere downtown.

Susan made a motion to adjourn at 7:11pm and Jan seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Remaklus

Members present: Claudia Spann, Matt Meeker, and Emily Remaklus. Others present: Barb Knisely

Claudia Spann called the meeting to order at 6:05pm. Emily made a motion to approve the minutes and Matt seconded.

Staff Report:

  • Barb spoke with the schools and they were very excited to participate in making the banners for next winter.
  • Discover the Quarry is interested in possibly collaborating with WAAB for this year’s event.


  • Claudia spoke to Destination Whitehouse about getting a liquor license for the Buskerfest. They do not have any money and WAAB would need to pay up front. They sound interested in helping WAAB in the event and WAAB is in the talks of donating profits to the Veteran’s War Memorial in Whitehouse.
  • A notice to previous Buskers should be sent out soon so that they will have the date in advance. This will be the same with the art show vendors.
  • WAAB bounced around the idea of asking the Anthony Wayne Area Arts Commission to collaborate with the Buskerfest to bring in art vendors and volunteers for the event.
  • A guitar workshop could be an idea to also bring to the event.
  • Summer spontaneous music in the park was discussed to expand the Buskerfest throughout the entire summer. The only concern would be whether a large enough crowd would be present in Whitehouse and how to spread the word. Perhaps choosing a night of the week (like Thursday) would allow people to know when to expect music.

New Business

  • WAAB has invited Barb Knisely to become a member of the Buskerfest subcommittee assuming that the Village will allow it.
  • WAAB gave Barb permission to send out the Save the Dates for the Buskerfest and art show, as well as whatever emails she feels necessary on behalf of WAAB.
  • Board members are concerned with the lack of attendance from the council liaison person. Could a new representative be appointed?
  • The March 8, 2017, meeting will be cancelled, but WAAB board members plan to attend an upcoming Council Committee of the Whole meeting when the Whitehouse Arts Advisory Board is being discussed.

Matt made motion to adjourn at 6:45pm and Emily seconded.

Members present: Claudia Spann, Matt Meeker, Jan Robie, and Emily Remaklus. Others present:  Trish Pizzifred, Barb Knisely

Claudia Spann called the meeting to order at 6:02pm. The electing of officers was postponed until after our guest, Trish Pizzifred, spoke.

New Business:

Partnership with Buskerfest and CureSearch for 2017

  • Trish Pizzifred spoke about her new nonprofit and her plans to have a TriCureathon which would be a morning event festival.
  • She is looking to collaborate with the Buskerfest and host both events on the same day as a way to bring in more people.
  • Money made on the event would be donated to CureSearch which works with families and children battling cancer.
  • Last year’s event charged $25 per person and brought in about 200 people
  • Last year also had an art auction event and chicken dinner
  • Claudia made aware that our event, Buskerfest, was a free event
  • The goal Trish stated was to have both events going on in the park together as a way to share crowds and share entertainment.
  • Trish is willing to work around our timeframe.
  • Matt suggested a wrist band may be a way to distinguish those who paid for the TriCureathon events, and tickets for the chicken dinner.
  • Matt suggested looking for proof of payment to the CureSearch from last year before officially partnering with WAAB.
  • The possibility of alcohol at the Buskerfest would not be an issue for Trish’s event in case WAAB wants to add that element.
  • Liability insurance is the big issue that WAAB was concerned about, but otherwise WAAB is interested and considering the partnership.Election of Officers: 
  • Emily volunteered to be secretary.
  • Jan made a motion to elect Claudia as chair, Matt as co-chair, and Emily as secretary.
  • The motion passed unanimously. Emily made a motion to accept the November minutes and Matt seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0.

Staff Repor 

  • Barb shared the new art display in the lobby, watercolor paintings by Glen Freimark.
  • An artist from Aspiring Hands will be on display beginning April 1st.

Old Business 

  • The holiday art show had three evaluations from participants and shared that the reviews were mostly positive. Some participants found out about the event through the newspaper fliers and advertisements. What participants suggested was having more foot traffic and bringing performers in the art sales room.
  • Claudia said WAAB had a lot of verbal compliments throughout the day. She also explained that there were a few people who didn’t do as well with sales as they had hoped. Yet, some others said this was the best art show they’ve done and the show where they’ve sold the most.
  • Matt said the set-up and teardown went very well.
  • The dancers’ families really filled up the rooms and brought a crowd. The only issue was that many of these families didn’t stay to shop.

New Business 

  • Claudia suggested continuing the art classes during 2017, and Barb said she would set those up if there was interest in participating.
  • Jan said that adding pictures to the event display would help draw in attendees.
  • Trish said she was hoping to get the young lady from Grand Rapids who was on America’s Got Talent to perform at the event.
  • Jan brought up the possibility of a second art show in May as a new event. However, Barb said the weather is always a factor in May, and Claudia mentioned the busy school schedule during that time of the year.
  • A mural is also a possibility, but WAAB would need to find the artist first.
  • Barb is planning a 2018 Garden Gnome display similar to the Wings around Whitehouse. The business would get to keep the gnome.
  • She also said she’d like to approach the elementary school and have the kids draw something for the next winter banners. This would be similar to the previous banner contest that WAAB hosted.

Claudia moved to adjourn the meeting and Emily seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:07 pm. 

Members present: Claudia Spann, Matt Meeker, Jan Robie, Emily Remaklus, Susan Gdowik. Others present:  Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Barb Knisely

Claudia Spann called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Emily moved to accept the October 2016 minutes as written. Matt seconded the minutes. Motion passed 4-0.

Old Business:

Art Show:

  • Barb reported that there are 35-36 applications currently submitted.
  • The board is still in need of volunteers to help set-up for the art show.
    • Claudia stated that 8 people would be good to help set up, and that it should only take an hour.
    • For those coming Saturday to volunteer, it was suggested to arrive early as the artists tend to arrive prior to 8am.
  • Jan shared the fliers and banners that Susan created for the event.
    • Claudia will post some of the fliers downtown Whitehouse.
    • Rebecca said she could pass some out to local nursing homes.
    • Banners will hopefully go up this week around town.
    • Fliers will be sent out in the Mirror the week of the event.
  • Silent auction items
    • Susan shared that she has some Libby products that could possibly be used as donation.
    • Matt is waiting to hear back from some local businesses about silent auction items.
    • Board members are being asked to donate an item or basket.
    • Artists will be asked about donating on the day of the event.
    • Emily suggested donating one of the WAAB photograph banners for the auction.
  • Barb has notified most artists already, but those who have not been notified will need to be sent an email since Barb will be out of town.
  • Entertainment
    • Claudia has her friend Victoria to sing at 1pm, as well as the Grinch and Santa at 1pm.
    • Matt suggested asking some buskers to provide entertainment, and will be emailing them soon.
    • Matt volunteered to set up the microphone and speakers for the stage.
  • Rebecca suggested using the check-in area as the silent auction area this year so that visitors will see the silent auction right away when walking in.

New Business:

  • Barb was approached by the Metroparks for a pumpkin craft/activity for Discover the Quarry 2017.
  • AW Art Board Collaborative Event for next year was suggested. Members are said to think about ways to get involved with other art boards for next year.
  • Susan and Rebecca suggested incorporating art activities in the streetscaping next spring. Ideas included painting the crosswalks, painting the Wabash Trail with footsteps, painting a mural of a train on the side of a building in town, and painting a mural on the side of the Whitehouse Motors building.
  • Matt mentioned Rising Sun Photography & Art Gallery, the new art studio located next Local Thyme and stated that the owners may be interested in participating in WAAB.

Matt moved to adjourn the meeting and Emily seconded the motion. Motion passed 5-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:12 pm.

Call to Order

Claudia called the meeting to order at 6:08pm.

In attendance: Claudia Spann, Jan Robie, Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, and Barb Knisely


  • Matt made a motion to approve the minutes. Emily seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0Staff Report:  Matt has been present at most of the previous Fall Fest meetings and shared some information as to what to expect this weekend. Claudia explained that two artists are attending with the possibility of a glass blower as a third. Matt said there seems to be a lot of interest on social media for the event, and Barb said she has been selling tickets from the Village Office.

Holiday Art Show:   Barb will be going out of town in mid-November, so Jill (Village employee) will be available to help with late artist applicants for the Holiday Art Show.

  • WAAB is in need of donations for the silent auction. Matt explained that he could include a message about donations to the Chamber in the monthly email. Claudia also suggested asking local businesses to donate.
  • Set up for the event has been a struggle and a lot of work in the past. The board suggested finding a local Boy Scout group willing to volunteer with setting up the art show.
  • The entertainment will include Santa and the Grinch. The gifts Santa will distribute were shown and approved by the board. Claudia will be contacting Carrie at AWHS about getting student art for the show. The board discussed ways to get more people into the art room after they watch the entertainment. One suggestion was to give vendors tickets to distribute with purchase. The tickets would go into a bucket for a chance to win a gift sponsored by WAAB.
  • As of October 12th, there are 29 artists who have applied and paid to take part in the show. The advertising will include fliers in The Anthony Wayne Mirror, and will cost approximately $400 since every 1,000 homes costs $50. The show will also be advertised once a week on the WAAB Facebook page. The banner for the show will hopefully go up as soon as possible since the event is in about a month. Susan will be designing the banner, and if she cannot then Jan will take over.
  • Fall Fest:
  • Old Business:
  • Barb shared an update on the Discover the Quarry event which will take place on October 22nd.   Four buskers from the August Buskerfest are set to perform.

New Business:

  • WAAB would like to have Rilling do a presentation around Veteran’s Day, but it may too late. We would need to discuss this further in the future.


  • Adjournment:Emily made a motion to adjourn. Jan seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0. Meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.


Matt presided and called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.


The minutes of August meeting were presented, Emily moved acceptance, Jan seconded acceptance of the minutes.

STAFF REPORT: Barb Knisely reported

Dancing in the Park event was held on August 27th. Crowds were three times as big as BuskerFest. The dancing might be considered to be included at BuskerFest next year.

Dates for next 2017 events were discussed. BuskerFest was scheduled for a Saturday instead of a Sunday on September 9, 2017. Holiday Art Show was scheduled for November 18, 2017.

OLD BUSINESS – Review of planned recurring events


Matt Matt reported that many replied via email in critique of the BuskerFest. A common critique was that the buskers were too far apart. Buskers might be encouraged to the gazebo stage during the main entertainment.

Serving alcoholic beverages might be considered. That led to a discussion to summarize that if we offer alcoholic beverages, we would have to partner with a non-profit to get a liquor permit for the event. We would probably have to share profits with the non-profit.


Matt was scheduled to attend The Sertoma Club meeting following the WAAB meeting. Claudia had submitted names of artists to the Sertoma group. Barb wanted it to be noted that Sertoma was lowering the cost of participation of food and beverage vendors, and wanted the suggestion made that the artists fee should be lowered also.


Barb presented a list of artists that had submitted applications to date. 13 artists applied to fill 15 spaces. Two of the artists had applied for the $10 discount and want to join their spaces for the reduced rate. We agreed to accept their application this year for the cost reduction and change our wording on the application next year. We need more clarity so artists understand that the reduced fee for a larger space is meant for a single artist and not a sharing agreement.

Jan presented options to purchase toy gifts for the children that visit with Santa. Oriental Trading had the most affordable option. Choices of gifts were made and Barb was approved to place the order for a little more than $50 which also made the order eligible for free shipping.

Applications were sent out to past Artfest vendors on August 29th.

The Mirror had agreed to stuffing our Holiday Art Show flier into the paper was an advertising option. We decided that was an affordable solution at $50 per thousand. Matt moved acceptance for that advertising purchase and Emily seconded the motion. There will also be printing cost. Sue Gdowik has offered to design the flier.

Jan agreed to create and purchase a new Holiday Art Show banner based on Sue’s flier design.

Everyone was asked to provide silent auction items/baskets for this year’s event. Last year the baskets, cards and city signs were the largest money makers in the silent auction.


Chris Rilling sessions need a location and calendar dates. Chris has a Veterans related presentation. Veterans day was considered as a good day for him to present that speech. Chris needs to be contacted by one of the WAAB board as to when he would like to present.


Barb reported that the Metroparks will be having events in the new Blue Creek Park. There is an event on October 22, 2016. Discover the Quarry event is planned. There may be a way for WAAB to tag activities to their future events.


Emily moved for adjournment and Jan seconded the motion. The meeting closed at 6:55pm.

Members present: Claudia Spann, Matt Meeker, Jan Robie, Emily Remaklus.  Members absent:  Susan Gdowik  Others present:  Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Barb Knisely

Claudia Spann called the meeting to order at 6:10.

Claudia moved to accept the July 2016 minutes as written and Jan noticed an error. Matt then moved to amend the minutes and seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0.

Staff Report:

Buskerfest: We currently have twelve buskers and three food vendors. 

Fall Fest: WAAB’s contribution of finding artists has begun, with three artists asked to participate. Matt shared the Sertoma’s sponsor and donor forms. Claudia will turn in artists’ information to George closer to the event. Sertoma is looking for a large amount of volunteers to help with clean-up and serving alcohol.

Old Business:


  • Claudia asked about the signs for the Buskerfest and Barb found them along with the aprons.
  • Matt was concerned about the beverages for the public. Emily suggested giving free water to the performers. Claudia offered her cooler with wheels to use.
  • Matt made it known he felt the idea was to keep the festival simple, without the need for a lot of volunteers.
  • Barb shared some last minute details including that one vendor needs to be situated in a specific location, the shelter house is available for use, and trash cans have already been brought to the shelter house.
  • Claudia explained that we have a Henna Tattoo artists coming to the Buskerfest and suggested allowing her to use the shelter house.
  • Matt stated that George Damasco from A-1 Rental can provide a stage for the cost of $10 per unit, and nothing for the set-up. He offered to look further into it.
  • Costs for the Buskerfest are running close to $2,000. The band still needs to be paid in cash or by check. The Mirror ad has been paid and was $400.
  • The pavilion will be used for busker check-in.
  • Matt explained that he was warned that one musician may be a bit loud, so they will be situated further away from the other performers.
  • Barb will be emailing the local emergency crews so that they will be aware of the event.
  • Emily asked about saving some spots for buskers who might show up to perform the day of.
  • Chris Rillings:
  • Chris Rilling was asking to do his first artists talk in the pavilion.
  • Claudia thought September would be a good month to start the series of presentations.
  • If the pavilion is not used, the church would be available or possibly booking the shelter house.New Business:  
  • Claudia moved to adjourn the meeting and Matt seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0. Meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm.

CALL TO ORDER:  Claudia presided and called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm

STAFF REPORT: Barb Knisely was absent. Staff report was not discussed.

MINUTES: The minutes of June meeting were presented Matt Meeker moved acceptance, Jan Robie seconded acceptance of the minutes.

OLD BUSINESS: Review of planned recurring events:


Matt Matt reported current status of the BuskerFest event planning.


We are calling for Buskers to perform from 2-5pm at the event. One Busker has committed. Last years list has been contacted. We are waiting for more responses. The featured entertainment has been booked with The Grape Smugglers band to perform in the gazebo from 5-8pm. Non-stop music between Grape Smuggler sets is being planned.

Matt asked if a platform stage is owned by the village. Rebecca said no. Stages have been leased for other events.

Food vendors

2 Hot dog vendors have stated interest in the event. One of the vendors is doubtful to attend.

Rosies Restaurant may be interested in cooking for the event. Phil Barone is being contacted.


We need two posters finished soon. One as a call for Buskers. The other is for promoting the event.

Matt was interested in posting where young people are. The campuses were considered as one location. Jan promised to finish by the end of the week and distribute via email to the board, Rebecca and Barb. Locations to post the posters were discussed. Monclova community center, and local restaurants were the first places to want them posted.


The posters will also serve as a document to be sent out on social media. The Chimp Mail would be helpful so Barb could attach images to her Whitehouse Village emails.

Ads in the Mirror and in Swanton are being considered. will post events.

Emily is attempting to get press in the City Paper.

Village help needed

Bathrooms, power supplies, and police and fire security will be addressed.

Other needs

Matt will contact all volunteers involved during the next month as needs arise.

There will have to be a check in area for the Buskers.

A backup location is being considered if the weather becomes a problem.

Wooden nickels to vote for the performers is being considered.


The Sertoma Club meetings are being attended by Claudia, Matt and Barb.

Sertoma asks the Arts Board to help book artists to exhibit. We have one artist committed so far.


No report.


Chris Rilling sessions need a location and calendar dates. The Lutheran church, Pappoos and the gazebo were discussed as locations. The Whitehouse offices will not be available.


No report.


The meeting closed at 6:55pm pm.

WAAB – June 8, 2016

Claudia called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

In attendance: Claudia Spann, Jan Robie, Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, Susan Gdowik, and Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer.


  • Emily made a motion to approve the minutes. Matt seconded the motion. Staff Report:
  • Jan shared ideas to help promote WAAB with designs for flags as a way to credit WAAB for contributions at the Fall Fest and other events.
  • She also shared designs for an improved WAAB logo.
  • Matt then reviewed the Fall Fest plans.
  • Emily discussed Christine King’s request for an hour before Santa arrives during the Holiday Art Show to have her dance studio perform.
  • She then suggested putting Santa in the vendor’s room to draw dancers and families to the arts and crafts.
  • The request for Christine’s dance studio’s performance was approved, and Emily will email Christine.
  • Buskerfest:
  • Matt reviewed our plans for Buskerfest with different musical venues and a big show at the end. The buskering is scheduled for 2-5pm and the show will be 5-8pm.
  • He suggested hiring a 4-7 configuration band called The Grape Smugglers, which is a rock and blues band. He will check on their current schedules and then would like to pay each member $150 for their performance.
  • Susan suggested going to hear the band play first before hiring, and Matt said he would find their schedule.
  • Matt also suggested allowing a chosen busker to come onstage as a performer.
  • Rebecca wondered if we needed Metropark permission for the use of the area past the library, if we have buskers reaching out that far.
  • Matt wanted to make a motion for how much money we will spend on Buskerfest.
  • Matt wants to see some revenue for the event. A 50/50 raffle and donation box were suggested, and there was some confusion as to whether we could have sponsors pay for advertisement costs or other costs involved in the Buskerfest.
  • Susan made a motion to put aside $2,000 for all Buskerfest funds. Matt seconded the motion and it was approved by the board.
  • Matt explained we need to get details finalized so we can send out fliers/applications soon.
  • Emily stressed the point that we should have applications sent out before our July meeting.
  • Matt suggested working with other groups in the future for events.
  • Claudia brought up food vendors and said she will call Grumpy’s and Jeanie’s Weenies, as well as possibly Deet’s BBQ. The cost for the vendors to sell at our event is $25.

Final Notes:

  • We decided to move our next meeting to July 6th.
  • We need to have our $2,000 budget approved, and will also need to contract the band.
  • Emily made a motion to adjourn at 7:00pm, and Matt seconded the motion.

WAAB – May 11, 2016

Claudia called the meeting to order at 5:58pm, as everyone who was going to be in attendance had arrived.

In attendance: Claudia Spann, Jan Robie, Barb Knisely, Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, and Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer.

Staff Report:

    • Barb had nothing to report, but did give WAAB a synopsis of the Fall Fest Meeting and the desire for WAAB to contribute to finding 6-8 art vendors who will be set-up under the pavilion during the event. Sertoma is also hoping WAAB will help in the marketing aspect of the event; posters, flyers, and possibly t-shirts.
    • Claudia plans to send emails to artists who have previously attended WAAB sponsored events, and ask for their participation in the event.
    • Sertoma suggested asking Bittersweet Farms to come to the event as one of the artists.
    • The time of the Fall Fest is scheduled from noon – 8pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016
    • Minutes:
    • Jan provided copies of the minutes from the April meeting.
    • Matt approved the minutes with the correction of a typo, and Emily seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.Buskerfest:
  • Claudia read Matt’s synopsis of the Buskerfest meeting that took place three weeks ago.
  • Matt gave his report on Buskerfest
  • 5-7pm Buskers perform- possibly all acoustic?
  • 7-9pm is the wrap up of the event at the pavilion with a more focused performance.
  • Matt stated that the event won’t be detailed oriented and rather simple to operate.
  • The themes of the event were discussed, and greatly favored
  • Barb informed WAAB that a new shaved ice vendor has already registered for the event.
  • Claudia suggested sending out a “save-the-date” to previous Buskerfest performers, and other possible musicians that Matt would know. The “save-the-date” should be sent out by the end of this month.
  • The idea of a paid performer or group for Buskerfest is still in discussion, with the possibility of paying up to $100 per head for a group of four performers.
  • Also in discussion was the possibility of putting some money towards a riser in the pavilion.
  • Matt reminded the group of the possible themes for the event: Americana @ The Log Cabin, Live Stage @ Local Thyme, Acoustic Depot @ Farmer’s Market Area of bike path, Rock @ the small quarry, Blue Grass Hill @ the library.
  • Additional ideas of golf carts, bicyclists, or horse drawn buggies were suggested.
  • Ways to advertise the event without spending a lot of money were mentioned, including local papers, Facebook, and local news channels.
  • Rebecca suggested setting up an interview with a news station and a Busker, who could then also perform on the news.
  • Street scaping will most likely not be done in time for the Buskerfest. This should not affect the festival too greatly, but the foot traffic from the library to Village Park was questioned. Claudia suggested asking a police officer to volunteer to stop traffic and help allow pedestrians to cross.
  • Barb suggested asking Whitehouse Inn if they would like to participate in Buskerfest.
  • Emily shared that the cost for advertisement with The Toledo City Paper was expensive, and Rebecca suggested The Blade’s calendar as a form of free advertisement.
  • A committee meeting is scheduled to further discuss the Buskerfest on Tuesday May 31st at 6pm, and will be held at Claudia’s house.New Business:


  • WAAB discussed promoting Chris Rilling’s art lectures, and suggested Veteran’s Day would be an ideal date. The locations mentioned include Community of Christ (which is free), The Legion (which could act in conjunction with their Veteran’s Day dinner), The Waterville Historical Society, and the Pavilion.
  • Rebecca suggested asking Mr. Rilling to present an art lecture at the Fall Fest about alcohol portrayed in art. WAAB then discussed this lecture as being a preview sometime during the week leading up to Fall Fest. This could possibly be one of many events leading to Fall Fest.
  • Jan showed her poster designs for upcoming WAAB events, and suggested posting them a month prior to the particular event it is advertising.
  • WAAB really enjoyed the posters and Jan will suggest using her designs as a contribution from WAAB to Sertoma’s marketing needs.
  • The only reimbursement needed would be for the paper and ink, which was roughly estimated at about $2 per poster.
  • Jan also brought in one of many frames that she owns which could be used for a postcard display sometime in the future. Emily made a motion to adjourn at 7:10pm, and Matt seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.
WAAB – February 10, 2016

PRESENT: Matt Meeker, Jan Robie, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Emily Remaklus

CALL TO ORDER:  Matt presided and called the meeting to order at 6:17 pm after thanking the police who opened the locked building for the meeting. The primary goal of the meeting was stated – to brainstorm/critique/edit existing planned events, and also to brainstorm possible new activities to support the arts in the Whitehouse community.

STAFF REPORT:  Rebecca generally filled in some information about new plans for the Gazebo, downtown Streetscaping and Metroparks restructuring plans. Timing and completion of all the plans was not known but will be important for our event planning in the downtown area.

OLD BUSINESS: Review of planned recurring events:


Matt read some reviews submitted about last year’s event. Many good suggestions were submitted, with pro and con critiques. Noise levels, entertainment placement and the heat, were common topics. Reviewers mostly critiqued Buskerfest as a valuable event to look forward to repeating and improving.

Brainstorming for this year Buskerfest event: Seating, timing, electricity, acoustics, volume, compensation, food/beverages, wandering and staging initiated conversations.

In summary we discussed the gazebo might be a good place for planned, scheduled performances/talent show. It may be the only spot we offer electricity so we can control the volume of the performers in the park/street area. A second solitary microphone might be placed across the street on the walking trail. Volume should be controlled so not to overpower the other performers. An all-acoustic area is to be determined.

We may want a seating area by the (hopefully completed) new gazebo. We discussed possible selling chairs as an income generating idea or other promotion items. Food and beverages might also be available for purchase. The subject of where/how the profits would be used and deposited needs to be understood by the committee before we can plan those ideas.

More musicians might be willing to help and participate if there was a small stipend available to cover their expenses.

We felt this event would be a good day to get attendees to become familiar with the new streetscaping. Random performers may be placed in the park or on the new (hopefully completed) streetscaped sidewalks and bumpouts.

Other new event ideas included positioning performers inside of downtown businesses, Jan suggested an Artwalk on the downtown streets, and an area for children to make homemade instruments (ex: a humming comb). The Artwalk could be repeated during other events downtown. We could have a competition for art relating to a theme and hung in the windows of the merchants. Also possible coloring pages could also be displayed. Winning judged entries could be announced in the facebook and email broadcasts.


The Sertoma Club wishes to be the primary volunteers and planners of the Fall Fest. Their plans were not currently known.

Our team would like to see the train, paint by number mural, to be included in the event. The idea of chalk drawings on a side street or on the walking path was also encouraged.


The holiday art show was a successful event. 39 quality artists and crafters displayed their creations. The stage events brought more attendees to the event. The carolers were a big hit and we might want to have more strolling carolers in the arts and crafts room for the entire time period. The silent auction made money for the commission. The community street signs were the hit of the auction. We hope to get more for this year’s event.

Rebecca is going to complete the thank you note envelopes to be sent to last year’s participants.

NEW BUSINESS: Discuss new activities and ideas for the arts commission.

Marketing Communication/Promotion

Jan feels more promotion of our events is needed. Email, website and facebook posts, community newscasts with more imagery, and cross promotion with other local art interested groups was discussed. Possible posters could also be posted in local area merchants businesses.

We might be able to sell sponsorships for our events. This subject needs to be investigated more as we do not fully understand the fundraising limitations of our village committee.

Lectures and Performances:

The Toledo Opera on Wheels is a possible art event to come to town and teach the joy of opera. It could be a curriculum event in a school. More information is needed and an opera representative will be invited to our April meeting to discuss the $500 fee and further information about the possible event. A school curriculum representative will also be invited.

Chris Rilling, a local artist/professor, is a representative of Monuments Men group. He has a story to tell about the returning of art stolen during World War 2. Our own Toledo art museum is participating in this effort. A possible location for his speech would be at the Community of Christ Lutheran Church. We will invite Chris to our March 9th meeting to discuss this possible event.

BGSU has a music education class called The Treehouse Troup that offers a free mini-musical as part of their class curriculum. Emily has suggested and been involved with this event in the past and will check if it would be possible to bring it to Whitehouse. 

Classes and Exhibits:

The Watercolor Class is soon beginning.

A Dance Class by Christine King was suggested.

Rebecca suggested an adult coloring night to go along with the current coloring fad.

An interior art show of local talent is a future event possibility.


Matt was very encouraged about the positive attitude of the committee and felt good open communication is at the core of our new committee.

Jan Robie moved and Emily Remaklus seconded adjournment. All agreed. The meeting closed at 7:45 pm.

WAAB – December 9, 2015

Present: executive board: Katrina Kuhn, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Claudia Spann; others: Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, Jan Robie, council liaison Louann Artiaga, Community Development Coordinator Barb Knisely.

WAAB chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.

It was noted that council liaison Michelle Tippie was unable to attend the meeting and that councilwoman Louann Artiaga was attending in her stead.

Claudia Spann moved to approve the Nov. 18, 2015 meeting minutes; Katrina Kuhn seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Staff Report:

Barb Knisely reported on the Holiday Arts & Crafts Show and Sale, which was held Nov. 21, 2015, at Hope United Methodist Church, sharing fundraising totals and vendor survey responses. General criticism included disappointment that entertainment was in room separate from vendors; event may be too long; and more shoppers desired. Other comments were positive. Matt Meeker suggested inviting area senior living centers to bring bus loads of residents to event. Barb Knisely suggested spreading out the big-draw entertainment throughout the event. Claudia Spann noted that thank you notes needed to be sent to Hope, vendors, auction donors and performers. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer volunteered to draft the letters; she and Matt Meeker volunteered to hand-address envelopes for a personal touch. Katrina Kuhn moved to buy postage; Claudia Spann seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

New Business:

The board reviewed its bylaws. Claudia Spann suggested waiting until new board members were appointed, but consensus was to share suggestions now to offer a starting point. Claudia Spann, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer and Louann Artiaga discussed conversations each had held recently with mayor-elect Don Atkinson, citing his desire to abolish WAAB and his concerns about its effectiveness. Current board members and volunteers determined to coordinate and offer the mayor-elect a list of possible appointees to the board and to indicate their qualifications and interests in the arts. The goal is to collect names by Dec. 20 and deliver them by Dec. 25. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer suggested WAAB should review its mission statement and bylaws regularly, irrespective of a change in administration, to stay a thriving and vibrant organization. Areas of concern in the current bylaws include: adjusting the time of the meetings; revising language that may be too restrictive on who can serve on the board; possibly adjusting the number of executive board members; inserting a time frame when bylaws should be reviewed; and revising long-term plans to specific goals that can be accomplished on a yearly basis. There was discussion on whether a council liaison should have a board vote, with concern that a council member may vote on expenditures again in council session. [Note: Law director Phil Davis since has been consulted and sees no conflict.] There was discussion on difficulty filling five executive board seats as well as having official general board seats. Matt Meeker noted the group seemed to work well together and arrive at consensus before votes, and he suggested a greater emphasis on finding volunteers.

Events in 2016 have been slated: Buskerfest on Aug. 14; Fallfest on Oct. 15; and Holiday Art and Craft Show on Nov. 19.

Other Business:

Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer would like WAAB to underwrite Opera on Wheels for the Anthony Wayne school district at a cost of $500. Opera on Wheels is an educational outreach of the Toledo Opera and includes a partly staged opera by resident artists, a student writing workshop and teacher curriculum. Claudia Spann said the matter should be tabled until more information was available and that interest was gauged at the school.

With no other business to come before the board, Claudia Spann moved to adjourn; Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 13, 2016.

WAAB – November 18, 2015

Present: executive board: Katrina Kuhn, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Leo Price, Claudia Spann; others: Matt Meeker, council liaison Michelle Tippie, Community Development Director Barb Knisely.

WAAB chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.

Leo Price moved to approve the Oct. 14 meeting minutes; Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

Staff Report:

Barb Knisely reported on the Holiday Arts & Crafts Show and Sale, which is slated for Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, at Hope United Methodist Church. Entertainment schedule has been set. Requests for vendors to set up the night before were denied; except for one vendor who needed to build display cases (no merchandise set out). Student art displays will be set up earlier Friday; Claudia Spann will meet teacher at church. WAAB volunteers will meet at 6 p.m. Friday to set up tables and rest of venue. Katrina Kuhn has reorganized the layout of vendors slightly to accommodate requests for electricity, and she will make signs for vendor tables. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer will secure silent auction items from Cherry Tree Bakery & Café and Anthony Wayne Floral. Claudia Spann suggested thank you notes for donations; discussion was held on whether donations were tax-deductible. Vendors will be permitted to have a representative at their tables if they are not able to attend; WAAB members will give vendors and reps short breaks throughout the day upon request. Discussion was had about other similar events and costs for vendor participation.

Old Business:

Fallfest, which was held Oct. 24, 2015, at Village Park, was noted for going well and being a well-attended event. It was noted that the photo area was used often by visitors, and about 30 children visited the craft table.

New Business:

Barb Knisely reported that a local Sertoma Club wanted to become more involved in supporting or hosting village events and was interested in incorporating an art show. It would donate money raised back to the village. A WAMM event (Wine, Art, Music, Microbrews) in Indiana was given as an example and noted for making thousands of dollars. Discussion was had on having Sertoma organize an event and WAAB concentrating on the art element of it. An art show is slated on the village master calendar for November 2016. This could be the conjoined event or a separate village event.

Discussion was had on how to make such an event as interactive as possible for visitors. Suggestions included scavenger hunts such as geocaching (looking for hidden objects through a smart phone app) or a search for the various art pieces around town. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer suggested a painting mural that the public could help make. The group brainstormed locations and discussed the blue building off the Wabash Trail near the ball diamond in Village Park, where a mural of a train would be most appropriate. A professional or perhaps local student artists would sketch the outline and paint the upper portions, then the public would be invited (at a specific event) to help paint the rest – perhaps in a “paint by number” fashion. Barb Knisely suggested selling opportunities for people’s likenesses to be painted into the picture. This could be done several years in a row, adding people to the passenger cars or other details on each side of the building. Claudia Spann made a motion for WAAB to organize an interactive art project for a fall event; Leo Price seconded it. The motion passed 4-0.

Katrina Kuhn reported the Ohio Arts Council has a matching grant of $1,000-$5,000 available for civic arts organizations. The application is due April 1, 2016. Michelle Tippie suggested contacting Teresa Fedor.

Leo Price resigned from WAAB, offering appreciation for the group and noting that he was moving on to other activities. The group thanked him for his work and his contribution of art to the community.

With no other business to come before the board, Katrina Kuhn moved to adjourn; Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer seconded the motion, and it passed 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for Dec. 9, 2015.

WAAB – October 14, 2015

Present: executive board: Katrina Kuhn, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Leo Price; others: Matt Meeker, council liaison Michelle Tippie. Absent: Claudia Spann.

WAAB chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.

Leo Price moved to approve the Sept. 9, 2015, meeting minutes; Katrina Kuhn seconded. Motion passed 3-0.

Staff Report:

Katrina Kuhn relayed information about Fallfest, which is slated for Oct. 24. She noted Claudia Spann had reported that buying pumpkins for crafts would be pricey and so suggested some craft kits from catalogues. Such kits could be saved for future events. The group agreed on leaf scratch art kits (24 for approx. $7) and leaf headband crafts (12 for approx. $6). Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer made a motion to authorize purchase of craft supplies in an amount not to exceed $100; Leo Price seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0. Katrina Kuhn will staff the craft table at the event, and Emily Remaklus will be asked to arrange a fall-themed photo area in the park and encourage guests to take their own photos there.

Katrina Kuhn relayed information about the Holiday Arts and Craft Sale, which is scheduled for 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 21 at Hope United Methodist Church in the village. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer noted that a flyer listed the event as “2015 Holiday Art Show and Sale” and referenced the prior discussed WAAB had about the word “Craft” in the title. Katrina Kuhn said there was one more entertainment slot to fill, the last one at 3:15 p.m., and that Barb Knisely was still trying to secure microphones and speakers. Michelle Tippie and Matt Meeker volunteered to help set up the event the evening before, and more volunteers are needed, as well as for tearing down the space after the event. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer volunteered to do vendor check-in and guest greeting the morning of the event. Discussion was had about how to arrange the vendors; there are 26 registered so far. Leo Price suggested grouping the fine arts vendors together. A vendor layout map and category list was suggested as a shopper’s guide for guests, as well as encouragement for vendors not to swap locations. Michelle Tippie volunteered to monitor the silent auction table and sell 50/50 raffle tickets from 10 a.m. to noon; more volunteers are needed. WAAB members are encouraged to donate items to the silent auction, and Katrina Kuhn said Claudia Spann was soliciting donations from area businesses. Discussion was had on possibly waving booth rental fees for selected area non-profit organizations, perhaps in exchange for an auction item. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer made a motion to waive the fee for Bittersweet Farms should it chose to participate; Leo Price seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0. Discussion was had about purchasing a Grinch costume for $90 instead of renting it each year for $75. Leo Price moved to purchase the costume; Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0. An event subcommittee meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 4 at the Village Hall.

With no other business to come before the board, Leo Price moved to adjourn; Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer seconded the motion, and it passed 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

WAAB – September 9, 2015

Present: executive board: Katrina Kuhn, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Leo Price, Claudia Spann; others: Emily Remaklus, Community Development Director Barb Knisely, council liaison Michelle Tippie, Mayor Angela Kuhn.

WAAB chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.

Leo Price moved to approve the Aug. 12 meeting minutes; Claudia Spann seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

Staff Report:

Barb Knisely reported the Whitehouse Fall Fest will take place from 3:00-8:00 p.m. Oct. 24, 2015 at Village Park. Area rockabilly band Kentucky Chrome will provide entertainment, and there will be a chili cook-off contest and corn hole tournament ($5 per team). Activities include a kids bounce house and hay rides, and food for sale includes hamburgers and hot dogs that the fire department will grill and s’mores offered by Cub Scouts. Discussion included whether WAAB will have a kids table, possibly with pumpkin decorating or Halloween crafts. Claudia Spann will price pumpkins from local growers. Leftover supplies could be used during the trick-or-treat event [see New Business].

Barb Knisely also reported Halloween trick-or-treat will be held in the village from 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31, with a party for children held from 5-6 p.m. in Village Park with free hot dogs, if sponsors can be found. A letter has been sent to downtown and area businesses and churches to set up trick-or-treat tables during this time.

Old Business:

Buskerfest review: There was some disappointment with attendance, although the extremely hot weather Aug. 16 was a likely culprit. Suggestions for improvement include: a more organized check-in process for performers; allowing musicians to pick their own spots; no electricity (Michelle Tippie suggested “Buskerfest Unplugged”); include some other kind of event to draw in more people such as a run, garage band competition, car show, fire department chicken BBQ; and appoint an organizing subcommittee as early as Jan. 1.

New Business:

The Holiday Arts and Craft Sale is scheduled for 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 21 at Hope United Methodist Church in the village. Barb Knisely distributed the vendor letter and application for review. A suggestion was made to stagger boot rental fees to encourage early registration: $25 by Oct. 25 and $30 up to Nov. 1. All artists will be situated in the back room while silent auction and entertainment will be in the front room. Large signs will be used to help visitors navigate the spaces. Claudia Spann will check with HUMC about food. Entertainment slots of 30-45 minutes will be scheduled, and members will seek performers. Suggestions included a group of carolers, the NWO Children’s Choir, Christine King’s Spotlight Studio dancers, and other bands and entertainers that have performed at previous functions. Members hoped to secure someone to play Santa Claus and possibly a face painter. It was decided not to have a children’s craft table. There was discussion about the need to facilitate vendor setup the night before and morning of the event.

There also was discussion about the artistic level of some past vendors’ items and whether certain crafts or handmade items detracted at all from purpose of this being an artistic event and not a flea market. It was agreed to leave “Craft” in the event name but to describe it as “gently juried” and to have discernment about vendor acceptance.

Mayor Angela Kuhn noted that Michelle Tippie will replace Louann Artiaga as WAAB’s council liaison for the remainder of the calendar year.

The mayor also reviewed the board’s bylaws and job descriptions, as well as the funding stream. She noted a fifth executive member needed to be appointed to the group, as per the current bylaws, and clarified that executive members are the only voting members in the group while other members had voice. The mayor suggested a review of bylaws after the first of the year. She noted that WAAB funds are recorded as a miscellaneous line item in the village’s general fund, and that expenditures are approved during the motion to pass bills at council meetings. The mayor said it was a possibility that WAAB could request its own line item in an upcoming budget and monitor the balance.

With no other business to come before the board, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Leo Price and approved 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 8:09 p.m.

WAAB – August 12, 2015

Present: Executive Board: Katrina Kuhn, Leo Price, Claudia Spann; others: Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, Sara Smith, Christine King, Community Development Director Barbara Knisely; absent: Louann Artiaga and Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer.

WAAB Chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.

Claudia Spann moved to approve the July 8, 2015, meeting minutes; Leo Price seconded. Motion passed 3-0.


Christine King, owner of Spotlight Studio located at the Shops of Blue Creek spoke about her new dance studio and would like to become involved with WAAB.  Sara Smith, manager of the Shops at Blue Creek, also spoke about possible events at the shopping plaza, joining forces with WAAB, and offered to help in any way.  Both are willing to volunteer when needed at WAAB events.

Leo Price asked why everyone who attends WAAB meetings can’t vote.  It was explained that only the Executive Board members, appointed by the Mayor, have voting rights per the By-Laws.  He stated that he would like to see that changed since other individuals routinely attend meetings and he feels they should be able to vote.  Chair Kuhn stated that the Mayor plans on attending the meeting in September and she can explain and discuss these types of questions.

Staff Report:

Barbara Knisely is working on the Village calendar for 2016 and asked if WAAB would like to set the dates for Buskerfest and the Holiday Art Show so that they can be published in advance.  The Board decided that Buskerfest will be held on Sunday, August 14, 2016 and the Holiday Art Show will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2016.  Ms. Knisely will contact Hope United Methodist Church to reserve the November 19 date.

Ms. Knisely suggested kids art activities be available at the Buskerfest and provided a box of art supplies from last year.  Christine King offered to provide coloring pages for the event and will drop them off at Village Hall.

Old Business:

17 individuals have registered for Buskerfest and members have been working on the layout for the entertainers and food vendors.  WAAB members will meet at 4:00 pm on August 16, 2015, to assist entertainers and prepare for the event.

Claudia Spann had the new WAAB volunteer aprons made and showed them to the group.  Ten aprons were purchased and the WAAB logo was added by a local business for a total cost of $196.71.  During future WAAB events, all volunteers will wear them so that they can be easily identified.  Aprons will be turned in after each event so that WAAB maintains control and they can be used over and over again.  Ms. Knisely will submit the invoices for payment.

New Business:


With no other business to come before the board, Leo Price moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Claudia Spann and approved 3-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

WAAB – July 8, 2015

Present: executive board: Katrina Kuhn, Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer, Leo Price, Claudia Spann; others: Matt Meeker, Emily Remaklus, Community Development Director Barb Knisely; absent: council liaison Louann Artiaga.

WAAB chair Katrina Kuhn called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

Claudia Spann moved to approve the May 14 meeting minutes; Leo Price seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

Staff Report:

Barb Knisely reported the Whitehouse Farmers Market was set to begin July 11 and will run from 9 a.m. to noon for the 12 consecutive weeks. Ten vendors had paid the $100 fee for the whole summer and 10 more vendors had expressed interest in the week-by-week spots for $10 per week. New to the market is a knife sharpener; there remains a desire for more fresh produce sellers. Barb Knisely will solicit possible participants from the Bowling Green Farmers Market, as well as reach out to Pappy’s and other local farm stands. WAAB could have a table at the market for no fee.

Barb Knisely noted that Brad Burkhart had resigned his post with the village and taken a job in Defiance, thus he no longer will be available to serve on WAAB.

Old Business:

Buskerfest is slated for 5- 8 p.m. Aug. 16 in Village Park. Barb Knisely distributed feedback comments from the previous year and this year’s application. To address a main concern about sound and amplification, WAAB members discussed spreading out the performers more through the park and even across and down Providence Street, as well as ways to encourage event-goers to check out all the acts such as a best in show ballot or card stamp. A signature line promising volume control was requested for the application. Matt Meeker volunteered to contact performers who request electricity hookup to review their amplification plans. There is no rain date for Buskerfest; in the event of inclement weather, performers will take turns inside the shelter house. Signage for Buskerfest was requested. WAAB members will gather at the park at 6 p.m. Aug. 6 to plan the event layout.

Founders Day was held July 5 at Village Hall. Katrina Kuhn reported the WAAB kids table was well-visited by about 50-60 children, with 40 sun-catcher crafts made and glow sticks, coloring pages, and flyers with WAAB social media links handed out. Claudia Spann made a motion to reimburse Katrina Kuhn for $40 in supplies; Leo Price seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

New Business:

Katrina Kuhn reported she had contacted a local drone photographer, who quoted $100 for 30 minutes of unedited video and $15 an hour for editing services. She will check with other drone photographers as well and determine whether a deposit is needed. WAAB members discussed sharing video of Buskerfest on social media or making it available for sale. Matt Meeker suggested a film of events throughout a whole year.

WAAB members discussed wearing T-shirts or aprons identifying them as WAAB volunteers to wear at events, particularly at Buskerfest. Full aprons with pockets were requested; the WAAB logo should appear on them. Claudia Spann volunteered to contact local companies for quotes. Rebecca Conklin Kleiboemer made a motion to authorize an expenditure not in excess of $300; Claudia Spann seconded. Motion passed 4-0.

WAAB members discussed issues with fund reimbursement and expenditure approvals, requesting clarity on the process from village administration. WAAB seeks direction on village council action, budgeting, and board voting process. The board intends to review this, along with its mission, at the next meeting. [Note: Barb Knisely emailed members documents related to these issues to board members following the meeting.]

Matt Meeker requested an updated member list. [Note: Barb Knisely emailed a list to members following the meeting.]

Leo Price reported that two new sculptures had been installed around the small quarry. Barb Knisely requested information about the artists to include in a village press release.

With no other business to come before the board, Matt Meeker moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Claudia Spann and approved 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.