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Historic Photos on Display

Whitehouse High School graduation class photos dating back to 1901 are now on display at Village Hall. The Whitehouse Historical Society and Whitehouse Parents Club have funded this project over the past two years. The photos have been reproduced, matted and professionally framed.

Nearly 35 years ago, the original photos were donated to the Whitehouse Historical Society after they were removed from the frames. The frames were repurposed and used at the AW High School. The Historical Society enclosed the photographs in acid-proof mylars and stored them in the historic log house with the intention of displaying them in the future.

According to information furnished by the Historical Society members, the first school in Whitehouse was located on Waterville Street near Cemetery Road. Known as Kent School, it was destroyed by fire in 1856. Additional buildings were used as schools over the years before the consolidation of Whitehouse, Waterville and Monclova in 1950 to form the Anthony Wayne School District.

Twelve photos are currently on display in Village Hall, on loan from the Whitehouse Primary School, where they have been permanently placed. The Historical Society also has a collection of yearbooks dating back to 1930. These books, along with many other artifacts are available to view when the historic Log House is open for tours.

These photos will be on display throughout the summer at Village Hall during normal business hours, Monday – Friday, from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Once school resumes in the fall, they will be returned to the Whitehouse Primary School for a permanent display.