Jordan Daugherty, Administrator

Village Administrator

Jordan Daugherty joined the Village of Whitehouse in November 2007 as Finance Director.  In 2010, he was appointed as Village Administrator.  Mr. Daugherty, a licensed Certified Public Accountant, graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Masters of Accountancy.  His work in public accounting and the construction industry comprised most of his work experience before joining the Village of Whitehouse.  He, his wife Allison, and their eight children currently live in Fayette, Ohio.  Mr. Daugherty was born and raised in Whitehouse and has a great passion for its well-being. He can be reached at 419-877-5383 or by e-mail:

The Village Administrator is the Chief Administrative Official for the Village and is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. His duties include, but are not limited to: seeing that all laws and ordinances are enforced; supervise all municipal departments created by Council with the exception of the Police and Fire Departments; assist all boards and commissions created by the Charter or by Council; attend Council meetings; recommend legislative action to Council; advise Council on a monthly basis as to the financial conditions of the Village; submit an annual budget and a year-end fiscal report to Council; act as a purchasing agent; issue licenses and permits; execute contracts, agreements or other documents on behalf of the municipality; and other duties as provided in the Charter or assigned by the Mayor and/or Council.

Jennifer Herman, Office Assistant

Office Assistant

Jennifer Herman joined the Village of Whitehouse in December 2018 as Office Assistant. She is the wonderfully inviting face you will now encounter as you walk through the doors at Village Hall.  She can be reached at 419-877-5383 or by e-mail: