Victims Services Office


The Whitehouse Police Department has appointed an officer to assist victims of personal and property crimes.  This officer (VSO) has been assigned to assist the victim, investigating officer, and the courts with providing services and referral information to better serve victims of crime.

The VSO will review police reports and attempt to make contact with victims of crime and provide assistance where needed.  The VSO will also network with court victim’s liaison to better serve the victim and courts. Victim services include:

  • Providing court information and explaining steps in the legal process.
  • Assisting with obtaining police reports and insurance reporting.
  • Working closely with the investigating officer, prosecutors, and courts to keep key members informed of the victim’s status.
  • Providing victim’s rights information and making referrals to other assisting agencies.
  • Working closely with local, county, and state-level victim’s services agencies.
  • Keeping the victim informed of case status.

If you are a victim of crime and need assistance, contact the Police Department at 419-877-9191.


Village of Whitehouse Victim’s Advocate 

Linda Schwartz