Internet Sales Meet Up Spot

The Village of Whitehouse is happy to provide a safe internet exchange location within the parking lot of the Police Department/Village Hall. The Meet Up Spot is in the main parking lot next to the Police Department.  This dedicated spot is monitored by surveillance cameras 24/7 and is among the routinely traveled areas of police staff. With the popularity of internet commerce our department encourages you to utilize this service when dealing with people you do not know.  If something doesn’t feel right during the exchange call 911 right away!  A Whitehouse police officer will be dispatched to the area immediately.

Where it comes to Internet sales, the Police Department asks that you please don’t meet strangers at private residences, in areas that you are unfamiliar with, or after dark. We highly recommend these transactions be made during daylight hours if possible.

Please note that the Police Department does not have a dispatch section within the Village Hall/Police Department, and officers are not stationed there 24/7.  You may contact the Lucas County 911- Regional Council of Governments Non-emergency Phone Number: 419-255-8443 and advise the dispatcher of your pending transaction. The dispatcher will advise Whitehouse officers on duty so they’re aware that you’re using the Meet-up Spot.