Backflow Prevention

Backflow Information

Water normally flows from the public water system into your home or business, but backflow is the “backwards flow” of water from private plumbing systems into the public water system. Backflow can carry harmful contaminants and bacteria into the public water system, which can lead to illness, injury and, in some cases, death.

About the Backflow Program

Regulatory authority for the backflow program rests with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and enforcement of the program rests with the Village of Whitehouse.  View Chapter 3745-95 Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control from the Ohio Administrative Code.

Cross-Connection Surveys

Chapter 3745-95-03 requires the supplier of water to conduct or cause to be conducted an on-site investigation of all premises at least every five years to identify changes in water use practices at the consumer’s property so that new or increased hazards to the water supply are identified and mitigated.

Installing Backflow Prevention Devices

Our department requires commercial and residential customers to install a testable backflow prevention device when their plumbing installations pose a hazard to the public water system. This device prevents water from flowing backward into the water supply.

A few examples of businesses and plumbing situations that require backflow prevention may include:

·            fire sprinkler systems

·            lawn irrigation systems

·            customers with irrigation and deduct meters

·            medical facilities, laboratories and mortuaries

·            commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities

·            multi-residential buildings

·            restaurants

·            hair and nail salons

·            automotive repair shops

·            swimming pools

·            water powered backup sump pumps

Customers must install and maintain the required backflow prevention device. Failure to do so poses a threat to the public water supply, and may result in water service being disconnected.

Required Annual Testing of Devices

After a backflow device is installed, it must be maintained. A backflow device must be tested by a backflow-certified plumber at installation and every 12 months thereinafter to ensure that the device is still in good working order.

Backflow Compliance

Whitehouse has contracted with Aqua Backflow to administer our backflow control program.  If you are a customer requiring annual testing of your backflow device, Aqua Backflow will be contacting you on your device’s required testing needs for program compliance.  Aqua Backflow does not install, test, or repair backflow devices.

Testers of backflow devices will now be required to submit testing reports online at  A fee is required for report submissions.  Whitehouse will no longer be accepting any form of testing reports.

Any questions regarding submissions of backflow reports through, can be directed to Aqua Backflow at 847-742-2296.

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