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The Village of Whitehouse is an equal opportunity employer.

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Full-Time Police Officer

The Whitehouse Police Department is accepting applications for Fulltime Police Officer. Applications will be accepted until Friday, July 1, 2022.
Begin today to better your position in life and secure your future by joining one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the State of Ohio. The Whitehouse Police Department offers capable men and women the opportunity to make the Village of Whitehouse a safer community by providing efficient, effective services to its residents, businesses, and visiting neighbors. Come meet the challenge and test your physical and mental endurance while protecting and serving a community that will put all their confidence in you.
Starting Pay: Whitehouse full-time Police Officers compares favorably with those in the Metro-Toledo area. Starting Pay: $23.71/hr. – $29.15/hr. depending upon experience.
Benefits: Fulltime officers do contribute to the Ohio Policed & Fire Disability and Pension Fund and will accumulate service credit for retirement. All uniforms and equipment are provided by the department. Training opportunities and college reimbursement are available. Special duty assignments and membership on department committees are also available. Full-time officers receive vacation leave, sick time leave, medical and dental benefits.
Requirements: Be a United States Citizen, or are in the United States legally, with a visa, and are legally able to possess a firearm; Minimum age at time of appointment is 21 years; Possession of a valid Ohio driver’s license and the OPOTA Ohio Basic Peace Officer’s Certification at time of application. Visual acuity must be uncorrected within reasonable limits and correctable to 20/20, and vision must be free of color deficiencies; Must be physically capable to successfully perform the job duties of a Police Officer.
Interview Process: Those candidates selected will be required to complete an interview with the Chief of Police, Deputy Police Chief, and other Village employees selected for the Interview Board.
Background Investigation: Upon successful completion of the interview, the Whitehouse Police Department will conduct a complete and thorough investigation of your background to determine your suitability for employment as a Whitehouse police officer. The following occurrences in your background could result in rejection of your application: Felony Conviction, Conviction for drug related violations or current use of illegal substances, Current abuse of alcohol, Anti-social behavior, Poor work record, Poor driving record, Numerous debts which are not being paid regularly.
Conditional Offer Prerequisites: When the candidate successfully completes the background investigation and is given a conditional offer of employment, he/she must also successfully pass a physical examination, psychological testing, and drug screening. These examinations are paid by the Village.
Application Process: Application Packets may be obtained by contacting the following agency recruiters:
Officer Christine Fouty: cfouty@whitehouseoh.gov
Officer Matt Grant: mgrant@whitehouseoh.gov
Officer Ashley Kunesh: akunesh@whitehouseoh.gov
Additional information on recruiting is available on our website:
State of Ohio EEOC and Ohio Collaborative Standards for Whitehouse Police Department Employee Recruitment and Hiring
The goal of every Ohio law enforcement agency is to recruit and hire qualified individuals while providing equal employment opportunity. Ohio law enforcement agencies should consist of a diverse workforce. Communities with diverse populations should strive to have a diverse work force that reflects the citizens served.
Non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity is the policy. The Whitehouse Police Department shall provide equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran status, military status, or disability. This applies to all terms or conditions associated with the employment process, including hiring, promotions, terminations, discipline, performance evaluations, and interviews.
The Whitehouse Police Department will utilize due diligence in ensuring that their perspective employees have the proper temperament, knowledge, and attitude to handle this very difficult profession. The Department will ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place to achieve this mission. The Department, in concert with the Village of Whitehouse Personnel Policy and agency policy and procedure, will ensure employment requirements are related to the skills that are necessary to be a successful employee.
The Village of Whitehouse Administration and Whitehouse Police Department will adhere to the standards as set forth above relating to the recruitment and hiring of police personnel. The Village of Whitehouse of an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Public Works – Seasonal

The Village of Whitehouse will be accepting applications for the position of Public Works Laborer – Seasonal.

Duties include lawn mowing, flower watering and general building and grounds maintenance tasks using simple hand tools.

Applicants must be over 18 years of age and have the ability to read, follow direction, lift 40 pounds, complete a drug screening, hold a valid State of Ohio Drivers License and be insurable and have a desire to serve the community at a professional level.

This is an excellent opportunity to enter the workforce and learn new skills from seasoned professionals.

The pay rate for this position starts at $12.18 an hour.

Work hours are flexible, Monday – Saturday with a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Applications can be downloaded by clicking the orange button at the top of this page or obtained at the Village of Whitehouse, 6925 Providence St., Whitehouse, OH 43571, and remitted to: The Village of Whitehouse, PO Box 2476, Whitehouse, Ohio 43571 or dropped in the night drop box.

The Village of Whitehouse is an equal opportunity employer.

Firefighter/EMT or Firefighter/Paramedic

Position:                         Firefighter/EMT or Firefighter/Paramedic

Department:                  Fire Department

Reports To:                    Fire Chief

Location:                        Village of Whitehouse

Working Hours:            Part Time

Pay Grade:                     Hourly, Non-Exempt

Posting Date:                December 13, 2018

Application Due Date:   Initial interviews ASAP, Job posting will be up until positions are filled.

Submit Application To:  Captain Jeff Hibbard

Email Address:  jhibbard@whitehouseoh.gov Or Fax 419.877.4827

Job Summary:

Under the supervision of the Fire Chief and/or the Deputy Chief, the employee is responsible for responding to EMS and fire runs per the Village policies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The individual will be required to perform truck checks, respond to and assist with fire and EMS runs and other duties as assigned.


A State of Ohio Certified Firefighter Level 1 / EMT or Firefighter 1 / Paramedic.  The successful candidate must have a strong attention for detail.  The successful candidate must also be able to complete entire processes accurately with minimal supervision.  The successful candidate should be familiar with computer inputting, word processing (Microsoft Word) and spreadsheets (Excel).