Car Seat Checks

Our Fire and Police Departments conduct Free Car Seat Safety checks for anyone wishing to participate.  Each seat check takes approximately one half hour to complete and will teach the caregiver(s) how to install the seat and how to make sure your child is properly restrained.  The Village currently has 4 technicians certified by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration to conduct these checks and can accommodate appointments at a variety of times.

To schedule, please email: or call 419-877-0363 Ext. 319.

In the Toledo area, approximately 85% of car seats are installed incorrectly and can lead to injury of a pediatric patient that would otherwise remain unharmed in an accident.  The process takes approximately one half hour and is well worth the time.  We also have the resources to secure reduced cost or free seats for parents that may not be able to afford a quality seat for their child.

For your knowledge, Ohio law mandates that all children under the age of 16 be wearing a seat belt while in a motor vehicle.  If the child is shorter than 4’9”, then they must also be in a booster seat.  This law changed in 2009, and there are many individuals who are not in compliance.