Refuse Collection

Our refuse service is outsourced to ARS Refuse Service, Inc.,  a locally owned family business from Archbold, Ohio.  Please always feel free to contact them directly at 419-445-5391.

Refuse Summary:

  • Collection Day:  Mondays (with some holiday exceptions)
  • Place your refuse and recycling carts curbside no later than 7:00 am the day of collection (not earlier than 6 pm the day prior)
  • Refuse carts have a black lid, recycle carts have a yellow lid.
    • Place your bagged refuse in carts (lid closed)
    • Refuse & recycling collected each week.
    • At any time, large items can be disposed of by coordinating directly with ARS (see Bulk Item Pricing)
  • Monthly fee is $13.49
  • If you previously placed refuse containers in an alley, please place them at the curb in front of your residence.

Please contact Village staff (419.877.5383) with any questions at all—we’re happy to help!

Sharps Disposal

Needles and/or Syringes need to be disposed of in a specific way.  Please see this SHARPS DISPOSAL GUIDELINES to learn more.