Police Staff

For all emergencies, dial 911.

The Police Department is dispatched by the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center.  To report a crime or to file a police report, please call 419-243-5111.
To contact Police Administration or individual officers, please call the Safety Office Assistant, Monday – Friday, from 9:00am – 2:00pm, at 419-877-9191

Police Officers

Mark McDonough Chief of Police mmcdonough@whitehouseoh.gov
Allan Baer Deputy Chief abaer@whitehouseoh.gov
Brad Baker Sergeant bbaker@whitehouseoh.gov
Amanda Bradley Sergeant abradley@whitehouseoh.gov
Charles Kessinger, Jr. Corporal, SRO ckessinger@whitehouseoh.gov
Kyle McClanahan Corporal kmcclanahan@whitehouseoh.gov
Tyler DeWitt Police Officer tdewitt@whitehouseoh.gov
Christine Fouty Police Officer cfouty@whitehouseoh.gov
Andy Kasack Police Officer akasack@whitehouseoh.gov
Devin Lafferty Police Officer dlafferty@whitehouseoh.gov
Edward Marckel Police Officer emarckel@whitehouseoh.gov
Christopher Pearcy Police Officer cpearcy@whitehouseoh.gov
Kenneth Scheuerman Police Officer kscheuerman@whitehouseoh.gov
Ron Shellhammer Property Officer rshellhammer@whitehouseoh.gov
Cindy Bergfeld Safety Office Assistant cbergfeld@whitehouseoh.gov