Streets and Roads

The Village of Whitehouse manages and maintains 13 miles of roadway within the Village limits.

Each year, the Village resurfaces and repairs various streets depending on successful grant applications and available local funds.

The Village annually inspects roadways and rates their condition. This condition rating is then used to schedule repairs and place the streets on a resurfacing schedule. Some Village streets are still unimproved. An unimproved street is without curbs, sidewalks and usually improved drainage. If you live on an unimproved street, you are not precluded from having your roadway resurfaced. You may also petition to have your roadway improved. An improved roadway is a roadway with curbs, sidewalks, and improved drainage. An improvement of a roadway requires a 51% positive participation agreement of the affected residents living along the roadway to be improved. If you are interested in the petition process, please contact Village employees.

If you have any questions about a particular address, please contact Village employees at 419-877-5383 and they will be happy to assist you. Click the map link to view your street zone.