For the safety of any dog found running at large within the Village limits, the police department does provide a temporary Municipal Pound. Dogs that are found to be running at large and are brought to the police department, or picked up by a police officer, will be sheltered at the police department for a period up to three (3) days.  After that time, if the dog has not been picked up by its owner/keeper, the dog will be released to the custody of the Lucas County Dog Warden.

The owner or keeper of the impounded dog may redeem the animal from the Municipal Pound at any time (unless the dog has been surrendered to the custody of the Lucas County Dog Warden) by showing proof of ownership and proper licensing (proper County dog license and/or registration form from the County Auditor’s Office).

Pick-Up Fees

A pick-up fee of $6.00, plus $4.00 impoundment fee for each day or any part of the day during which the dog was impounded (minimum pick-up and impoundment fee is $10.00).

For a second or subsequent offense of dog at large, a pick-up fee of $15.00, plus the $4.00/day impoundment fee will be charged.

After hours pick-up and impoundment fees paid in cash must be for the exact fee amounts.  Checks are accepted and are to be made out to “The Village of Whitehouse.”  The PD does not accept credit/debit card payments.

The above fees shall be charged and collected in addition to any fees imposed by Lucas County or other governmental authorities and in addition to any penalties which might otherwise be imposed by Village Ordinance.

Source: Village of Whitehouse Codified Ordinance 505.02-Impounding of Animals

Owner/Keeper:  When picking up your dog at the Municipal Pound, please bring identification, dog license/proof of licensing, and fee amounts.

Contact Information for Owner/Keeper Dog Pick-up:

Whitehouse Police Department
(Municipal Pound)
6925 Providence St.
Whitehouse, Ohio
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-2:00pm (excluding holidays)

Lucas County Dispatch (Afterhours)

Lucas County Canine Care and Control
410 S. Erie St.
Toledo, Ohio