Whitehouse Announces Community Senior Contact Program

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Whitehouse Announces Community Senior Contact Program


Friday, August 19, 2016 – 9:00am

Whitehouse Village Hall, 6925 Providence St., Whitehouse, OH 43571


The Village of Whitehouse is in the process of initiating a Senior Contact Program. The program will benefit senior citizens within the corporate limits of the Village of Whitehouse.  In keeping with the community-policing philosophy of the police department, and in conjunction with the Whitehouse Village Administration and Fire Department, we have created this program in order to better serve the senior population of our Village.

What is the Senior Contact Program?

The Village of Whitehouse has created the Community Senior Contact Program. At a predetermined time each day, program participants will call the Police Department on a non-emergency line and provide an update of their status.

Who Qualifies?

Persons living alone who DO NOT have a caregiver, homemaker, etc. checking or visiting on a regular basis.  Participants in the Senior Contact Program should provide information for two (2) emergency contact persons living within a close proximity of the Village of Whitehouse. If the senior does not have an emergency contact within the immediate area, alternative arrangements should be made to secure a key for police/fire personnel to enter the residence.

Application Procedure

Persons who request or have been referred for this program will be interviewed by the staff of the Village Police or Fire Departments to determine suitability. Accepted applicants will be required to complete and sign the application/release form.

Referrals for this program will be taken from seniors within the Whitehouse community, family members, agencies and organizations working with seniors, or from individuals who are aware of seniors who live alone and could benefit from this program.

How Does the Senior Contact Program Work?

At a predetermined time during the week (usually between 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., M -F), program participants will be required to contact the police department on a non-emergency line. The program participant will leave a brief message stating they’re okay. They may also leave a message requesting assistance, and/or have a Village employee contact them regarding an issue. For any emergency, the program participant will be advised to call 911 (this will be explained the participant during the application process).

In the event a program participant fails to call at their predetermined time, a representative from the police department will try to make contact. First, a Village employee will call the number provided by the program participant. If no contact is made, the police department will notify the emergency contacts listed. If they are unable to make contact with the program participant, and officer will be sent to the home to check on his/her welfare.

Police officers/Firefighters can make periodic home visits, on an appointment basis, to provide information on a variety of topics, and inspect or install smoke detectors.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

If you have additional questions, please contact Chief Mark McDonough at the Whitehouse Police Department at 419-877-9191, or Email: mmcdonough@whitehouseoh.gov