Goldenrain Tree

Scientific Name: Koelreuteria paniculata

Family: Sapindaceae

Origin: China and Korea

Goldenrain Foliage and Flowers

Why is it called Golden Raintree? This tree has small yellow blossoms that form as clusters on a stalk. As the blossoms fall to the ground it looks like “golden rain”.

 Common Names: Panicled Goldenrain Tree, Varnish Tree, Pride of India

Mature Height: 30-40 feet

Mature Width/Spread: 30-40 feet

Leaves: The leaves of this tree appear feathery and they can be pinnate or bipinnate. In the summer the leaves are a bright to dark green color. The leaves are 6 to 15 inches long and have 7 to 15 leaflets that have toothed margins.

In the fall, the leaves become: yellow.

Did you know …

  • This tree came to American when Thomas Jefferson first planted seeds that were sent to him by a French colleague in 1809.
  • It is often used as a decorative tree at the grave sites of important Chinese officials.
Goldenrain Tree Leaves With Toothed Margins
Goldenrain Tree Leaves With Toothed Margins